Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!!! 2011

The holidays (my favorite time of the year) are quickly approaching and being 6 months pregnant during this time has left me looking through pictures from the past 2 1/2 years leaving me quite pitiful. Call it hormones ......but I actually sit and cry thinking about how quick my baby girl has grown in such a short time. What gets me most is the thought that this is our last Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc. with just our little girl. In a very short few months we will be a family of four!! It doesn't seem real. I am excited to meet baby Chase and treasure all of these special moments with him as well. But the thought of our family dynamics changing once again is somewhat scary. Just like it was before Sadie when Toby and I couldn't imagine having a baby and being "three" much less being parents! Now we can't imagine our lives without her in it. We have a date night and we end up missing and talking/laughing about her the entire time.

Sadie's First Halloween 2009 @ 7 months old dressed as our little piglet!

This was also the night of her very first tooth's appearance! That was why most of her pictures have her tongue sticking out, lol! Talk about scary!
Loved her little spider dress!

Halloween 2010@ 19 months old- Lion & Ladybug

Look at those tears- she really disliked the lion costume that was to reflect one of Noah's lions on the Arc! 

We had much better luck with the ladybug :)

Halloween 2011 @ 31 months old- Cupcake Princess

 I realized that I had dressed Sadie as an animal every year and decided that this year maybe we would go a different route. I was out and about the day after Halloween last year and found this sweet outfit at T J Maxx for half price and fell in love with it.

 Now I am looking forward to a little duo to dress up next year!