Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend at Mammaw's and PooPoo's!

This weekend we took a trip up to Mammaw's and PooPoo's (Sadie can't say PapPaw - so she tries her best and it comes out the cutest)! We knew that UK would be playing a game on Saturday, so we dressed her up to watch the game with Pappaw- except she was so exhausted by midday she took a nap with me and Mammaw and missed the game!
She looked so precious all decked out in her UK gear- I couldn't resist! This is the first ever picture I have seen of her and I can see myself in her features here.
Mammaw had an awesome lunch ready for when we got there! Sadie enjoyed the table and chairs that were just her size! She spent most of the day moving them around the house!
Pappaw took her down to the basement to see his new ride.
We tried to sit Sadie on it but she was so scared and started to scream and cry that we decided not to.
Sadie went outside - she LOVES being outside!
We have always pointed out trees to her but this was the first time she had been around a tree her own size!
I was for sure she was going to climb the thing!
She helped Pappaw walk Annabelle around the yard for a minute too! Pappaw and Annabelle are her buddies!
This is how much she loves Annabelle! She would let her wrap her arms around her before quicly getting out of her tight grasp. Then Sadie would throw her doggie toy to get her to jump off the couch so she could catch her. It was the cutest thing!
Sadie came in to her jammies to ride home in comfort and a late night snack from Mammaw (cheerioes)that she emptied the bag onto the floor! I was glad to see that she wanted to help Mammaw clean it all up, with a little help from Mommy!
I am seeing a very big helper in the future!

Family Fun Night

This past Friday we had Family Fun Night at our school. I always look forward to that night, even though the hours are long there is nothing like the kiddos enjoying a night of fun right at home! This year was even sweeter because Sadie actually got to play a few games. I thought she looked like such the big girl standing in line :)

I had to help a little with the ring toss :)
The duck pond was her favorite- except she only wanted to pull up a green duck. I guess because she is use to seeing yellow ducks and green was a nice change!
Being quite the cautious baby she is, it took her a few minutes to get one but we celebrated when she did!
Then we headed over to the lollipop pull and picked out our very own sucker!
This was what she really wanted to do.......... maybe next year!

Aunt Jill's Shower

It's been a very busy around here lately with work, weddings, showers, auditions and travel that we took a mini break from blogging and now it is time to play catch up! A couple of weeks ago, Toby's youngest sister had a wedding shower that we ventured to.
We got up extra early that morning to get ready and Sadie had some breakfast on the her car!
I confiscated the whole box of cereal to trade her for a bowl of it :) She is getting so tall now that if she stands on her tip toes and stretches to reach things she is successful!
Toby was outside mowing and Sadie loves to go anywhere he is but on this day she had to opt for watching from afar.
There's the stretch I was talking about!
Our house sits on two acres of land surrounded by a ton of hickory trees. Beautiful as it is there is a downside to those trees and it is called hickory nuts! They can dent your vehicle if they land on them. Sadie thought that they were balls and she would pick them up carry them around then throw and chase them.
Also in Big news - Sadie has a mini Elmo that she adores. There are not many places that she goes that he does not accompany her :) Toby is not the biggest fan of him because every time he moves he says something and it is a constant with a toddler carrying him. It's a good thing he has an off button ;)
This particular morning was a rough one on poor Elmo!
We headed out later that morning to the shower. Here is the Bride and Groom opening gifts!
Sadie spotted her Aunt Reah and baby cousin Brady pretty quickly.
Aunt Reah picked Sadie up onto her lap to let her visit :)
She still seems curious about him but she quickly warmed up patting him ;)
Then it was off to the tables where she could reach some fruit!