Thursday, July 29, 2010

Antique Beauty

One the way home today I stopped at a "Tag Sale" which I had never heard of before & fell in love with my first purchase of an antique peice of furniture (which is so unlike me- what has happened to me.......?). I found myself lost in a world of a little old lady and her husband's belongings surrounding me & I was dying to know about them, their story, their history. I could have teared up, it was kinda sad. I rummaged through old cookbooks, trinkets, and dishes galore and found that she and I shared a love for entertaining. I wanted to rescue their belongings because it killed me think that these two that loved eachother and built a history together having their priceless memories bartered to strangers for mere change :(
I left with this! I HEaRT this "buffet" so much from the moment I saw. It was the first thing I saw when I walked in the door and the last. Let me just go ahead and clarify to myself that it is HUGE! It is way too big for this house and I have absolutely nowhere to put it and it doesn't match anything I own but I will figure all that out later :)
I fell in love with all the details. The wood is a beautiful mahogany that was painted in a light shade of blue and detailed in gold.
I just love the ball feet on it too! It offers alot of space in side with the two side cabinets and front drawers.
The small box in the top shelf drawer to the right is where you are suppose to put your silerware but I figured that I wouldn't have to use this as a kitchen piece. I think it would fit in anywhere and could be used in many ways with the right stuff.
The drawer pulls are not original, they were replacements but I still think they look cery chic and classic.
I look forward to contributing to it's history in our family :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Colorful Bath

Since we came home from Myrtle Beach Sadie has LOVED baths. She knows that word and when we ask her if she wants to take a bath, she will run down the hall screaming into the bathroom. Then she will attempt climbing in the tub begging the whole time to get in the "ba."
Usually she will play with the water as it comes out of spout then she will move on to her bath toys. Her favorites are the foam number characters. She likes to push the numbers out of them then dig her teeth into the foam :/ She also likes the washcloth and her soap/shampoo bottles.
Tonight I decided to throw in a little more fun for her. Body Painting! I saw this in one of my toddler play books and thought she would enjoy it and she did!
These two pictures (above and below) are my absolute favorites! She is just the most precious little girl a mommy could have........
Smoothing it around. I didn't use the brown because I was sure she would have thought that it was chocolate pudding- HA!
Getting ready for a new color! I would tell her the names of the colors as I dotted her arms and belly :)
It was so cute because she acted so proud of herself with all those colors on her :)
I figured painting would be best done in the bathtub because I was not 100% sure it would come out completely (even though the box says so) but it did. As you can see it smeared really well when the water hit it!
HA! I asked her if she was ready to get out - this is always the face I get when I ask her that. She loves her baths so much that when I try to pick her up she will pull away and whine!
Sharing her ducky!
She loves to help clean things. At the softball games, she would grab a wipe from my bag and clean the bleacher seats all night.
She finally realized that she could take the rag and clean herself :)
Squeaky Clean! So glad that paint did not stain-HA!
A pretty happy artist!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Top Model Kind of Day!

We had a fun Girl's Day Out today. We headed to The Factory in Franklin Tn to take Autumn to audition for modeling with the Advantage agency. I liked that Way FM was on of the partners hosting the event.
This was my first time going to The Factory. It is a renovated factory that is now a mall. It was such a neat place that I want to go back to because they had a Farmer's Market where you could get huge fresh gorgeous sunflowers! There was also this huge rocking chair that we had to get a few pictures with.
We had a great lunch at Stoveworks, which was a restaurant located inside the mall.
This was the commons area where the stage and the judges section was set up at the front. I loved the lighting that was coming through the ceiling.
Autumn was #74 out of about 150 girls in her age group. Here she is all smiles and ready to go!
While we waited for the show to start, Sarah and I visited some shops in the mall. First on the list was the Toy Store where Sarah found my FAVORITE Fraggle- Red!
Here she goes..............!
We were so proud of her because she didn't look nervous at all (even though she says she was) and she smiled and posed so well.
What a success- can't wait for the call back!
We came home and played Yahtzee, watched August Rush and made homemade oreo milkshakes that Sadie fell in love with! She kept begging for more so I gave her her own cup with a little bit in it.
As you can see though, most of it ended up on her face, outfit, belly, toes and the floor than actually in her mouth! hahaha
What a wonderful end to a great day!