Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Kicks

Aunt Peggy brought over some new kicks this weekend that Sadie loved!
The first pair are dressy blue patent mary jane style shoes that have a thicker sole on them. We figured those were going to be great for church or special occasions. But I think they may just be worn everyday now because she begs me to put them on her ever since this night.
Sadie ran around the house "Marching" in them. A Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode that we have says, "march, march, march" and she has caught onto it pretty well.
Here she was checking them out. I was sure she was going to take them off but she never did.
The next pair are blue jelly style sandals.
I was surprised that they actually went over the tops of her feet because it;s a pretty thick.
Are they not the cutest?
Sadie was more impressed with the patent leather ones. She sat down as soon as I put these on her and took them off, grabbed the other pair and cried for me to put them on her.
There is the she switch tantrum. As soon as I changed them she was fine :)
Once she was happy again she went to the door to show them off to her daddy who was outside grilling. Thanks for the new shoes Aunt peggy, we love them!