Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Colorful Bath

Since we came home from Myrtle Beach Sadie has LOVED baths. She knows that word and when we ask her if she wants to take a bath, she will run down the hall screaming into the bathroom. Then she will attempt climbing in the tub begging the whole time to get in the "ba."
Usually she will play with the water as it comes out of spout then she will move on to her bath toys. Her favorites are the foam number characters. She likes to push the numbers out of them then dig her teeth into the foam :/ She also likes the washcloth and her soap/shampoo bottles.
Tonight I decided to throw in a little more fun for her. Body Painting! I saw this in one of my toddler play books and thought she would enjoy it and she did!
These two pictures (above and below) are my absolute favorites! She is just the most precious little girl a mommy could have........
Smoothing it around. I didn't use the brown because I was sure she would have thought that it was chocolate pudding- HA!
Getting ready for a new color! I would tell her the names of the colors as I dotted her arms and belly :)
It was so cute because she acted so proud of herself with all those colors on her :)
I figured painting would be best done in the bathtub because I was not 100% sure it would come out completely (even though the box says so) but it did. As you can see it smeared really well when the water hit it!
HA! I asked her if she was ready to get out - this is always the face I get when I ask her that. She loves her baths so much that when I try to pick her up she will pull away and whine!
Sharing her ducky!
She loves to help clean things. At the softball games, she would grab a wipe from my bag and clean the bleacher seats all night.
She finally realized that she could take the rag and clean herself :)
Squeaky Clean! So glad that paint did not stain-HA!
A pretty happy artist!