Friday, July 23, 2010

Crib Crawling

So I don't know exactly what possessed me to want to crawl in this massive thing and by the way it was much easier to get into than to get out! I had to start my Back To School Professional Development for three days this week and on the first day back to work Sadie had to go to the doctor (for the FIRST time ever) without me and get her shots! I felt SO bad that I was not there when she got those shots, it was pitiful, I couldn;t wait to get home to see her. So I decided to jump right in there and surprise her!
It was hilarious to see her face though when she realized that for the first time there was someone else besides just "her" in her bed and of all people it was "mommy."
If I could speak for her as to what was going on in her mind, it would be: "OK, are going to make this a habit? Because I could totally get use to this!"
Notice the bitten edges of her crib all down the front! Teething Terror!!! If I ever thought this VERY expensive bed would have been eaten by my child during her earlier teething episodes, I would have bought the plastic teething crib slates I saw at Babies R Us awhile back- but thought that it was just a waste and now look what I have gotten myself into. The morning after the night she did this, I came in and was in shock! I pointed to each spot and said, "No, No, No, No Sadie! and now in the mornings she will point to them and say, "No No." HA!
I was thrilled that she was excited to see me!
Sweet Love!