Friday, July 23, 2010

Barbie Bargain

Last weekend I went to a few yard sales in Portland TN and fouind an awesome deal on this Barbie doll house. It is just beautiful and in perfect condition and well worth the $25.00 I paid for it ! I had intentions to put it back for a few years as a Christmas or Birthday gift before letting Sadie see it or play with it but when my niece and nephew came over today, I decided to let my niece Sarah be the first to play with it :)
Sadie was thrilled by two things. 1. To have two of her favorite people over to play with and 2. To get to play with this very large and colorful toy with Sarah!
I got these Barbie's from a friend at work this summer and now I am thankful that I did :)
Sadie was so excited, I think she thought it was our new house and we were moving in soon - HA!
She checked out each room (well the ones she could see), the drawers and all the accessories!
Sadie also kept wanting to grab these porcelain dishes and throw them on the ground to hear them crash!
There was a hot tub that actually works but we didn't put water in it.
There goes a dish....................
Sweet girls...........
Mommy got an awful lot of hugs tonight too :) She is so cute, she will sneak up behind me and I will lay my head back on her and she wraps her arms around my neck and lays her head on my shoulders while hugging me and I just love it :)
Time for the Tea Party
That is one crowded Tea Table!
I love the way Sadie imitates everything she sees and hears now- it is precious. Last night we laid her in her crib, tucked her in and said our prayer together and at the end she imitated clear as day Toby and I saying "Amen!"
Short stuff here trying her best to reach the third floor.
So sweet Barbie Hugs :)
Yes, I will be honest- I still play with Barbie too! HA!
The brunette was my favorite! HA!
The boys played the playstation for about 10 minutes before uncle Toby had to go.
Josh relaxed while playing his game.
Once he was done playing, he decided to put it up and take pictures of us! So sweet of him to volunteer. Sadie grabbed the controllers to the game and tried to figure out just exactly what they were used for.
We had a very nice and relaxed night :)
with some wrestling..........
in there!