Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Brady Bunch

This weekend we headed up North to visit our newest addition : Brady James Turpin!
Look at this sweet little bundle of joy.....and those precious pouty lips!
I was anxious to see how Sadie would react to a "real" baby.
She pointed and mumbled baby, it was sweet. She seemed more confused than intrigued. I came well prepared with Germ-X and keeping fingers and hands off his face. I remember that being my biggest pet peeve when others (usually strangers or children) would touch Sadie's face.
Look of ........ hmmmmmm. She really didn't pay him any attention until her Aunt Peggy held him.
She did pat pat on his blanket and that was a good sign of approval-HA!
Then I got to hold him (twice), which I really think I could have done all day :) He was sleeping the entire time the first time I was holding him. I wasn't nervous at all- second nature I guess now.
This brings back memories- well without his bloodshot eyes and look of exhaustion. Look how tiny!!! I was just stunned to think that he was born at 7 ounces more than Sadie and I can't remember her being this small :)
Aunt Peggy- this got a reaction from Sadie. She ran up to her, arms up and tugging at the bottom of her shirt. She was not use to seeing Peggy holding "anyone" else because her babies are past that stage-HA!
Brady sitting with mamma :)
Sadie spent some time playing with Brady's toys but most of her time was consumed with this little gate. As Reah would say- "defying all boundaries." Jamie and Reah have a blonde lab named Maggie who Sadie just loved. Maggie exchanged kisses and enjoyed all the tugs, hugs and rubs Sadie would give her. It was adorable, I wish I had pictured her! Sadie went back and forth the entire visit through the gate from the kitchen to the living room.
All the grand kids on the Turpin side (So Far). There will be many more to come :) HA! Well only one more from this branch of the family tree!
Finally the Happy Family! Congrats again Jamie and Reah! We loved little Brady :)