Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pink Potty Perils

I have been told that once your toddler starts to take their own diaper off that they are ready to start potty training. We have had two occasions recently where this had happened. The first was in Myrtle Beach while on vacation- we put Sadie down for the night fully equipped with her diaper and we woke up to find her diaperless. Then two days ago, I heard Sadie in our kitchen, walked by and there she stood once again diaperless. I know developmentally she is not ready for actual "potty training" but all these little cues have got me thinking of ways that we could start to introduce the whole idea to her. So introducing my action plan:
I was able to find a cute book "Big Girls Use the Potty" that I just love because it is very detailed with real pictures and it's gender based :) Also, we have the potty bunny who serves as a friend to help motivate her along when the time comes.
Inside there is a sweet little story about the potty friend of choice as well as "How To" steps to follow.
Here in our guest bathroom located in our hall sits the "Pink Potty" that Sadie has until recently had very little to do with. It sits right along beside ours (usually pushed up against the wall).
So while Sadie was napping, I strategically placed her potty friend and her new book in the bathroom by her pink potty. I wanted to see her reaction when she woke up and walked in to this new adventure. HA!
Hello! What's this? The look of surprise...............
Or maybe : " Oh dear Mommy, what have you done?" Hehehe!
Well, I do believe she knew bunny wasn't supposed to be sitting there.
So she knocked him off.......(mommy sat him back up there explaining that he was using the potty to go pee).
So she walked around him, sat on the floor and closed the lid on him! Poor Bunny :(
When she threw him off again, the possessiveness of the pink potty took over!
She decided to try to sit on it ....only she had it all backwards! Look at those toes inching up over the edge :)
There it goes - one foot in!
I sure am glad we took care of this business early on to get all this potty stepping out of the way now! HA!
She reminds me of a grape stomper in Italy only there would be NO grapes in this bucket!
On to the new book! Sadie loves books. It is a daily on going ritual of hers to pick a favorite book bring it to mommy to read, pick it up, take it to daddy to read and the pattern continues back and forth until she decides she has heard it enough :)
Sadie was kind of excited about it- she was waving it up and down!
So I sat her on her potty for a little reading time and mommy and me discussion about what this was all about. Notice bunny's support was close by :)
Big Girl!
There goes that foot again- she always has to have one foot up. Even at the dinner table, you can guarantee there will be one resting on the table. I won't have to worry about elbows but never thought I would have to worry about the feet on the table.
Needless to say, she was excited and loved her little pink potty experience & our little talk :)
So much so she was drumming......
and all smiles!
Then it suddenly took a turn........She took her potty book and flushed it down the drain!
There it goes- right in the potty!
Look at the LOOK on her face- Too Funny!
She decided there was no need for a Big Girl Potty book because.....
all a Big Girl truely needs is her favorite potty bunny!