Thursday, July 15, 2010

Meal Deals & Diaper Days

So not only have I spent alot of my summer in my PJ's but so has this little lady who has spent alot of her summer in her diaper! There are many reason's for this. One being due to her three meals, two snacks, juice and milk schedule throughout the day. There are many benefits too, less laundry :)
Sadie begins each morning with breakfast including turkey sausage, eggs with cheese and a side of apple juice. We have had several mornings where she was not wanting to eat her breakfast and we realized she was teething again. Now we have three new teeth located all the way in the back.
I like having Sadie sit in her high chair to eat because with her new found freedom in mobility it helps her focus on what she needs to be doing and not running all over the house nibbling on something as she wanders about.
We had spaghetti the other night and Toby decided to grab the camera. Sometimes that is the best surprise when he takes pictures and I get to look back at what he captured :) Spaghetti is NOT my favorite meal to feed a toddler because it is SO messy but I am truely adjusting to all this nasty stuff toddlers can get you into!
Her cousin Autumn taught her how to hold the spaghetti up in the air and hold her head back to eat her noodles-it is the cutest thing!
Noodle fun!
Look at all the messiness!
Oh wait- it gets even MESSIER! When she gets full, she starts to play with her food- a.k.a throw it on the floor or feed the dogs!
I placed the catch all mat down to save myself the trouble of cleaning all night :) HA!
I love her messy spaghetti self! Sadie and Daddy had "regular" spaghetti but Mommy had something a little different.
I made whole grain pasta, added chicken and sautee mushrooms, pesto, and a little alfredo and Viola!