Thursday, July 29, 2010

Antique Beauty

One the way home today I stopped at a "Tag Sale" which I had never heard of before & fell in love with my first purchase of an antique peice of furniture (which is so unlike me- what has happened to me.......?). I found myself lost in a world of a little old lady and her husband's belongings surrounding me & I was dying to know about them, their story, their history. I could have teared up, it was kinda sad. I rummaged through old cookbooks, trinkets, and dishes galore and found that she and I shared a love for entertaining. I wanted to rescue their belongings because it killed me think that these two that loved eachother and built a history together having their priceless memories bartered to strangers for mere change :(
I left with this! I HEaRT this "buffet" so much from the moment I saw. It was the first thing I saw when I walked in the door and the last. Let me just go ahead and clarify to myself that it is HUGE! It is way too big for this house and I have absolutely nowhere to put it and it doesn't match anything I own but I will figure all that out later :)
I fell in love with all the details. The wood is a beautiful mahogany that was painted in a light shade of blue and detailed in gold.
I just love the ball feet on it too! It offers alot of space in side with the two side cabinets and front drawers.
The small box in the top shelf drawer to the right is where you are suppose to put your silerware but I figured that I wouldn't have to use this as a kitchen piece. I think it would fit in anywhere and could be used in many ways with the right stuff.
The drawer pulls are not original, they were replacements but I still think they look cery chic and classic.
I look forward to contributing to it's history in our family :)