Friday, July 16, 2010

Read All About It

I have become "that" mom! "That" mom who lets her child ride in the cart carrying a toy knowing that when we get to the register it's going back on the shelf and not home with us. "That" mom who when she is done in the store, takes her child out of the cart then gently pushes it up to the front of the parking spot and leaves it safely tucked away amongst the surrounding cars. That use to really get under my skin when I had to push in carts my 8 years at Target! But I have also become "that" mom who enjoys reading. Reading for knowledge, reading for interest and reading for fun! Also, if there is a better bargain shopper out there beside muah, I would like to meet her. Most of the following books I either got at the Family Christian Bookstore, Lifeway or the Mighty Dollar (which is my favorite)! 
I have spent my summer reading old and new books. I am on my last few chapters of "Bringing up Girls" by James Dobson and I have to say that I have found so much out about myself through this book. I began reading it with intentions to learn something for Sadie (which I most definitely have) but I have gotten so much more out of it. I highly recommend it- they also have it for boys! HA! The first book I read this summer was "I Will Carry You" by Angie Smith. I went through so many emotions with this one because it is about the loss of her baby girl- I cried, I laughed, I cried again. She is an amazing woman and writer and I admire her so much. I got to meet her this summer and explained that it was the anniversary of my mother's death that month and she was such a positive and caring listener. 
"Same Kind of Different as Me" is about the bond of two men that come from two different worlds yet find that through their faith they have more in common than in being different. "Castaway Kid" I just got yesterday and I am anxious to start it. It's about a boys struggles growing up. I opened the middle of the book and teared up just reading a passage from it. I think I may relate to that one-HA!
I really like the Family Christian Bookstore because they always have a $5.00 section and I guess I am a sucker for those sections because that is primarily what I shop when I am there. Well that and the clearance isles! I got Castaway Kid, Same Kind of Differnt as Me, Get Out of That Pit and Have a New Kid by Friday all from the $5.00 deals! "Get Out of That Pit" is my first Beth Moore book purchased. I know she is really popular and I wanted something small to start out with. I would really like to get "So Long Insecurity" by her but I will wait for a sale! HA! "Plan B" by Pete Wilson is about asking yourself the question of what do you do when things don't go how you planned. I was blessed to get to meet him
too in person at the same book signing as Angie Smith's. Pete is her pastor and he was super nice.
These two Johnson's books I got at the Mighty Dollar for a buck! I live by baby books, granted I don't sit down and read straight through them, I read them one month at a time as Sadie grows. I can't believe Sadie is already past the 6-12 month book and for some reason they skipped the first year! HA! I liked the "What To Expect When Expecting" book so well that I decided to get another one in that series - only for Toddlers! I can already tell I am going to need this one. I am NOT the mom that pretends to know everything about parenting and I lean heavily on my resources and feel that is ok :)

I also got these three at the Mighty Dollar! Woo Hoo- told you I was good. I have had these probably for a year now and have yet to read them. I like the idea of a book of games for traveling times - how cute is that? "For parents only" is for older kids and I figure I have plenty of time to start that one someday but couldn't pass it up for a dollar! "Making the Blue Plate Special" seems really intersting. It's about preserving your family memories and traditions. How to make them and how to keep them going and I all over that! I love, love, love new ideas.
These three books were all $5.00 or under at the Family Christian Bookstore! I have always been the Mommy to worry about not knowing enough or not being able to reference scripture passages off my head to help others- especially when it comes to my family and friends. I got these first two books to help me in that area. I know there will come a day when Sadie asks me the "WHY" questions and I want my answers to be Bible based and not what I think or feel at that moment. "Have a New Kid by Friday" is for older children too but the lasy at the register said "It Works!" So in a few years I will let you know-HA!
My interest in books ranges about like my interest in music! I like all kinds! I especially enjoy the fun ones too. Not everything is so serious when it comes to reading for enjoyment :) Like this Cheerios cookbook. I saw it and though eww who would make that many recipes with those? But there are some cute things in here that are crafty as well.
How about a pipe cleaner critter? HA! I love art and crafts and hope that rubs off on Sadie!
I love cookbooks but feel more like a collector of them than an actual cook. HA! I found the rest of these books at the Mighty Dollar (did I say how much I loved that place?).
I look forward to being able to make some of this stuff with Sadie Bug! Then the teacher in me had to get the educational fun stuff too! I found these following books at once again the Mighty Dollar ( I sure hope they have one of these where you live). They are all crafty activities and lessons for little ones ranging from gardening, creating, science, america, towns, early learning concepts and wildlife habitats. I found these in the back of Sadie's closet from where I had bought them last year and it was like finding treasure. Even though she is not old enough yet, it's crazy to think that one day soon that day will be here and then there will be even less time for reading! HA!