Saturday, July 24, 2010

Miss "I declare my Independence"

Babies should come with a "Warning" label that says "One day, I will want to do everything on my own." Sadie has had a fascination with forks and spoons for a few months now and I have at times shown her what to do and let her experiment with them on a variety of foods.
We should have called this a summer of pudding because we use it for alot of things including snack time and play time. She just loves it.
Welcome to a world of messiness and endless smudges on your back door windows! HA! I have just given up on that one this week. With two little dogs and a toddler it is so hard to leep nose, mouth and finger smudges off these windows!
I was for the first time excited for her to make a mess and Toby was the "cleanly me" wanting to keep pudding off everything in the house including the child! HA!
Daddy clean up time! He would clean her up then she would go right back to it! It was so cute and too funny!
I think Sadie is growing on Bailey ....but only because she gives daily treats to them!
What a little stinker!!!!  : )