Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Puddin Paintin

Today we got out some fun! I found this in my baby book full of games for little ones :)
The essentials for this include: paper floor pad, catch a mess mat, pudding (chocolate), bowl, and baby wipes.
What a tasty and healthy fun treat : made with real non-fat milk! HA!
Placing the catch all mat down: excuse the pajama bottoms but when being on summer break, I tend to be in them alot.
Sadie is pretty observant, she noticed the mat and pretty quickly!
Time to take a dip........
She dropped one dot on the paper then looked at it.
Then she went in to smear it.
As many things that she puts in her mouth, I was surprised she never once did that with the pudding.
Mommy wrote her name for her : )
She spent alot of time throwing it or trying to get it off of her hands! ha
My favorite part was when she moved into painting herself with the pudding.
Then Daddy showed her how to get really messy....really fast!
Messy Girl!
Ha- finger painting!
Such a sweetie!
She tried dumping it out!
She thought Toby's reaction to that was funny!
Daddy introduced her to eating the pudding!
She wasn't too impressed with the flavor.......
I love that she got it all over her face and her little bow!
There goes that foot again!

Yes, the non-messy person me decieded to get my hands dirty!
Granted I know I look timid!
Mommy tried to get her to taste it and it was a "No" shake of the head.
So Mommy decided to be sneaky and dot her arm counting 1, 2, 3.
Then she decided to get me!
It was cute when I put pudding on my face she was so surprised!
I loved it when she wanted to help paint on my face.
A successful play time with Mommy and Daddy!
Then it was clean up time- what a fun MESS!
You have to top a good day off with play time, a nice warm bath and Daddy giggles!