Saturday, July 24, 2010

Top Model Kind of Day!

We had a fun Girl's Day Out today. We headed to The Factory in Franklin Tn to take Autumn to audition for modeling with the Advantage agency. I liked that Way FM was on of the partners hosting the event.
This was my first time going to The Factory. It is a renovated factory that is now a mall. It was such a neat place that I want to go back to because they had a Farmer's Market where you could get huge fresh gorgeous sunflowers! There was also this huge rocking chair that we had to get a few pictures with.
We had a great lunch at Stoveworks, which was a restaurant located inside the mall.
This was the commons area where the stage and the judges section was set up at the front. I loved the lighting that was coming through the ceiling.
Autumn was #74 out of about 150 girls in her age group. Here she is all smiles and ready to go!
While we waited for the show to start, Sarah and I visited some shops in the mall. First on the list was the Toy Store where Sarah found my FAVORITE Fraggle- Red!
Here she goes..............!
We were so proud of her because she didn't look nervous at all (even though she says she was) and she smiled and posed so well.
What a success- can't wait for the call back!
We came home and played Yahtzee, watched August Rush and made homemade oreo milkshakes that Sadie fell in love with! She kept begging for more so I gave her her own cup with a little bit in it.
As you can see though, most of it ended up on her face, outfit, belly, toes and the floor than actually in her mouth! hahaha
What a wonderful end to a great day!