Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Our Sunday morning didn't start out quite like we had planned. Our first child Baily went outside and literally rolled all in some foul mud! So we had to take time out of getting ready for church and give the dog a bath.
I thought it was cute that Sadie was in there observing. She has never watched us give the two dogs baths before.
I decided to dress down today because we were running behind and we had dressed up on Saturday for the wedding. But I did take the time to get Sadie all dolled up complete with double piggies up top which I think is the most precious thing I have seen all week!
Our little climber decided to try out the wicker because it sits lower to the ground.
She made it just fine!
She took her 10 Monkeys book with her today.
I think she thought we had time to kick back and read this morning but we sure didn't so I took the book, held it up to where she could see it in her carseat and we read it on the way to church!
She requested Daddy's help getting down from the seat. HA!
That is the face of- "Here I go!"Until she reaches the steps then once again requests the help of the one and only "Daddy!"
Can you say wrapped around her little finger :)
Once she was down she took off!
After church we headed over to visit and I got some cute moments of the kiddos!
After I got in from doing some work at school, we snuggled together and watched Elmo's Favorite Songs!

Summer Wedding

We spent our Saturday evening getting ready for Toby's sister's wedding.
It was held at a local golfcourse in Leitchfield Ky, which is Toby's home town.
We took some family photos because it is rare to have all three of us in photos. Usually it is Sadie and one or the other of us :)
The fans and the bubbles served as great entertainment for a few of the kiddos!
This was Helen's entrance. Helen is April's (bride) grandmother.
Ceremony- very pretty.
The cake was delish! Sadie walked around a bit with her pappaw- I can't believe how BIG she looks here in his arms......
Mammaw, looking as pretty as ever!
This is my favorite of the three!
After the ceremony there was a beautiful sunset!
Sadie played with Toby for a bit before we had to go in to get out of the heat.
Momma kisses!
Time for cake!
Sadie threw a fit at picture time. I wanted a picture of her with the happy couple but she didn't want to leave her daddy. Basically she was hot, tired, and fussy. I was so embarrassed.
April and Carey- I thought this was a sweet photo :)
We had a nice time and enjoyed the night- Congratulations April and Kevin!