Saturday, August 7, 2010

Farmer's Market Morning

Since school has been in session for two weeks now my internal alarm clock has been faithful to get me out of bed at the crack of dawn every morning including weekends :) So I asked Toby if he would be interested in going to the Farmer's Market in Bowling Green today.
This was us getting ready this morning. We had a funny. I decided to not dry my hair to save time, so I put some mouse in it and pinned it to the sides of my head while I put on makeup, got dressed and got Sadie ready. I came out of the bedroom and Toby did a double take his face contorted and he asked me what was wrong with my hair after a long pause he asked if that was the new style I think in efforts not to offend me.

We both laughed and he said I looked like a mix of Princess Leia and Chewbacca!

We made it to the market by mid afternoon. We decided it would be best to have Sadie bug in the stroller for safety reasons....lots of traffic in and out. She did really well just riding around. The market has a ton of booths from around the area with local home grown fruits, vegetables, jams etc.

I thought that this was funny. One of the ladies told us a long story about how these tomatoes end up in the Boo Boo box! These imperfections were caused by the rain we had this week.
Then there was a lady who made all home made (real ingredient) doggy treats. This is something that would have intrigued me before I had a baby. Ever since Sadie came along the dogs don't get as many outfits or special order treats! Ha!
This was so cute. The little lady was so proud of this doggy birthday cake she made!
We stopped at the cheese stand and tested several types of cheese that I do hope never grace my tastebuds again! I tried some cheese from Spain, it was very strong and tasted like it had aged and went bad. But I smiled and said I would take the first one I tested and liked :)

There all sorts of fresh fruits and veggies!

Then it was off to grab a few to take home. I have to say the prices were pretty good. I got a whole basket of stuff here for under $7! I thought that was an awesome deal!

I had to show Sadie what we were doing all this time at this new place. I would point and call out the names to the different things in the basket and she just listened and looked the entire time. So sweet!
Our best piece we brought home with us was this cute little watermelon!

Here is what we ended up with: squach, zucchinni, variety of hot peppers, green/red peppers, sweet onions, tomatoes, peaches, nectarines, cucumber, cheese, and sourdough bread! What a great start to the weekend!