Monday, August 16, 2010

Our Very Own Flintstone :)

Our Sundays over the past few weeks have been looking a little like this...... I always try to have a photo moment because that is really the only time we are all dressed up. Or maybe I should say that is when Sadie is dressed to a "T." HA! Toby and I just wear our work clothes to church.

Even on some Saturdays we get dressed up too! Or we just use our accessories to dress up the casual look :)
We have been getting some extra cute Sunday school work out of Mrs. Sadie lately! One she did with her Aunt Peggy and the other with me. I loved Precious Moments when I was little and I love that they are Christian based.
When I was pregnant, I was planning and day dreaming in my head of someday putting her work up on the fridge seeing that I am very artsy too, so I was thrilled when I found these magnetic displays at the Mighty Dollar! They work great on the fridge along side our very old "goofy" pictures that were taken back when we first met! HA! They have been on our fridge for that long! I need to switch them out.
This Sunday was a little different. This weekend I used some of my consignment money at Kiddos to get what was suppose to be her Christmas present.........
Introducing Sadie's very own Bug Car! This momma is the worst about early gift giving. I always have been with everybody... friends, family, etc. Toby is too though. So every Christmas we always end up opening a present each night and have hardly anything Christmas morning to open- we just love to give!! 
She caught onto how to get in, scoot over and close the door and how to get out too!
She grinned ear to ear all morning just loving it!
So when we got home from church and visiting that afternoon we decided to take it outside for a "real" spin. Well this picture says it all- first go at getting in by herself and the car rolls, she loses her balance and falls. After a few tears she was done!
We tried again but this was her look of, "No, I don't want to get in it again!"
She decided it was safer to just push it around the driveway instead.....until.......
She crashed right into the boat & couldn't figure out how to get it out and away from it because it was too heavy for her to lift- and she tried!
So Mommy came to the rescue and tried to get her in it again and that didn't go over too well....
So I gave in and just let her play in the yard. When we came home today- she loved it again but only because it was in the house :)