Monday, August 9, 2010

The Wheels on the Cart go Round N Round!

Today we headed out on a date night since Daddy was away at a long meeting. Our first stop was the Mall, which I have no pictures because I forgot the stroller was in Toby's truck and I had to carry her at first. Then I decided to let her walk and she literally walked from JC Penny to Dillards and back! She was exhausted :)

Our next stop was Wal-Mart for the essentials. I love their baby pajamas that are full length without the feet in them and they are cute and come with a great price :) I was for sure Sadie would be too tired to want to get out of the cart but I was wrong about that. As soon as she got restless, I asked her if she wanted to push the cart and she nodded her head "yes."
This was a first here! She has only done this once before at a store and that was the Parent Teacher Store a few weeks ago. She is pretty strong!
Everytime she would crash into the shelves and come to a hault she would look up and say something to motion me to fix the problem.
Then she would quickly go on her way again. Of course like her mother, she enjoyed browsing the isles as she walked by looking for a great deal :)
Then we turned down the macaroni isle and that is when the real shopping began.
She spotted the bright yellow boxes immediately, picked one up, shook it and decided it was going home with us :)
My favorite moment. I was standing in the grocery isle cracking up at her. She would stand on her tip toes and reach as high as possible to get it in the cart!
Successful little miss! By the end of this we had every kind of mac n cheese you can think of in the cart and I had to put them all back on the shelf, except for the ones we were keeping :)
We settled for one box of mac n cheese and a box of parmesean noodles.
When we checked out I placed her up on the belt for a moment because she did not want to go back in the cart.
We came home with some toddler toothpaste and cotton candy- what a combination!
She liked the container of cotton candy but not the actual product inside :)
She did however get nice and sticky! Then as you can see it was time for bed. She climbed in her chair with her binkie, mickey, bottle, and letter.
One of the best date nights this Mommy has had :)