Saturday, August 7, 2010

Advantage Model Call Back!!!

We headed back to the Factory today for Autumn's Model call back with much anticipation and excitement!

Once again the extremely large rocking chair was a hit again with the kiddos! Here is Autumn and her best friend Kelsey! 
After visiting the rocking chair we headed over to the Agency! This was sign pointing us in the right direction :)
Autumn's cheering team has expanded since the last time we were here! We all waited diligently for her Big Moment with the managers of the company!
Everyone was all Smiles, especially the Girl of the Moment- Autumn (So Pretty)!
She had to fill out some papers when we got there then we went in to watch a video about past and current talent that the company had placed.
Here is the stage where she had to audition. She had to walk the runway then come back to the end and present her commercial ad speech for toothpaste! Autumn was the first one to be called up and my heart was racing for her but she got up there so confident as if she had done this a hundred times before. I teared up at the very end while she was reading her commercial. I just thought it was so neat to think that my niece may be on the big screen some day and I was so blessed to see her taking these big steps :)
What a successful day! She got scored a 2, which is really good! She gets the opportunity to go through the six week course of training for runway, print ads, commercials and acting! Way to Go Autumn! I am so proud of you!

While we were there I browsed through many of the shops and found a little something special for Sadie bug that I had to surprise her with.
I called her on the way home and told her I had a surprise that went a little something like this, "Meeska, Mooshka, Mickey Mouse!" Then she started saying "Hot Dog!" I truely think she thinks that his name. She is obsessed with the show so much so I am sending one to her babysitter as a gift!
She opened the bag, her eyes lit up and it was love at first sight!
She hugged on him all night and ended up keeping him by her side even as we headed toward her crib tonight, he followed close by and we tucked him in with her!
I thought this was pretty impressive. She found this magazine I gave her last night under the chair and pointed to the picture of Mickey Mouse- she knew that was the same character she had just received!
This was cute, I asked her if she wanted to call him and she put the phone up to his ear :)
Then she decided she was much better at using the phone than he was!