Sunday, August 8, 2010

Slow Down Sunday

Wow! We pull off looking like we had an easy morning getting ready so well! haha This was the calm after the storm :) Sadie is thrilled with her new found climbing abilities which make our mornings all the more fun to be had now.

Right after I got her dressed she ran to her room and attempted to climb onto her ottoman. It was hilarious watching her do this and she did it with success.
I even think she surprised herself! hahaha I love the mid air halfway hanging off about to fall look here. It was so cute because she was grunting and whining the entire time she was trying to do this.
The meltdown came when I said it was time to go "Bye Bye." She did not want to stop climbing on it.
At church I tried about four times to sit in service without having to get up and leave due to tears. She sounds like a wild animal when her voice echos there. So we went outside with the other kids.
I love how she just want to go to Mrs. Ferrel now! It was so sweet to see her request her today!
We decided it was way too HOT to be out there and came in to play. Sadie loves this little farm. We like to sing E, I, E, I, O!
I never imagined that these little brown wooden chairs would have caused me to have a stong emotional moment this morning but they did. Why? I see them everyday in a first grade classroom but today was much different for me because it was my baby girl wanting to sit in them and do her work (coloring-but still).
I guess it came along with all the climbing this week. It started out with her just pulling the chair out from the table to the middle of the floor.
Well, more like dragging it! hahaha
Then she did this little number and I knew her intentions were to sit in it like her little blue comfy chair at home!
And there it was! The tears started welling up..........
Look how proud she was of herself and to me it was look how BIG she is ......
She worked hard on her precious moments (I loved them too when I was little) coloring page.
So sweet how her feet still don't touch the floor!
Then it was off to the foam puzzle alphabet. She loves this thing!
Funny how she sat in this position most of the time she played with it!
Oh yes I did! I let her drink her from a water fountain! Some things you can't deprive them of when they feel so big and accomplished!
Look at the excitement on her face!
I even taught her how to slurp :)
She had quite the audience cheering her on!
What a Big Girl day we had!
And just in case you are wondering, No her mouth never got close to the actual spout :)