Friday, August 6, 2010

Crafty Chalkboard

Who said chalkboards were outdated? I think sometimes we refine things so much into the "new" we forget just how simplistic and enjoyable the old way of doing things can be. I found this really neat double sided display board at the Maxx and originally thought that it was meant for obviously messages but more so restaurant menus. I passed it by thinking how neat would it be for a business and found myself thinking about it the entire time I walked around. As my intrigue grew, a wonderful idea hit me and it graciously came home with me.

I decided that I could use it as a simple chalkboard to display thoughtful, inspiring but more importantly comforting messages and scripture. The only problem was that the black area of the board was not chalk based....... it was useless and it came with no discount due to it's defect. So I headed over to Lowe's and bought some "very expensive" chalkboard paint grabbed an old paint brush from the building and decided I was bound and determined to remedy this problem :)
I took my duties to the back deck because I didn't want the fumes in the house. I sat Sadie in the highchair with her dinner at the back door so she could see me through the glass and she kept waving at me, it was the sweetest thing :)
I think I could have possibly written an entire blog about how to get into a paint can the correct and no so correct way. Being that I am not an avid painter.... lets just say I struggled a little bit. Let me explain...... I love to paint, I love fresh new painted rooms BUT I don't like to do the work, hahaha! I used the handle of the paintbrush under the lip of the lid to open it and it worked out well.
I was a bit worried when I opened the can and the paint was Blue!!!
I also began to wonder about how thick to apply the paint since I had no directions to assist me in this personal project!
Then I worried about streaks, lumps, edges and grooves! All this never crossed my mind before I started this.
So I decided I would do only one side to begin with, see how that turned out and move on to Plan B if needed later :)
Going to be honest, the anticipation was building during my wait time. I went out and found some colorful chalk and realized with the end of summer approaching it was harder to find.
Luckily I did and found a favorite quote for the day to post which was the first thing Toby read when he walked in today :) "When we trust out lives to the unseen but ever-present God, He will write our lives into His story and every last one of them will turn out to be a great read. With a grand ending."