Saturday, July 24, 2010

Driving Miss Daisy

Where does the time go? Just yesterday it seemed like my oldest niece Autumn was a toothless pigtailed little girl who liked to play with her toys and make crafts and today she is permitted to drive!  
I have gotten to ride with her twice now and she is doing really well. She has a pretty good personal trainer- her mother. Peggy models for her with explicit directions each time they are driving together. Then she makes Autumn explain the directions to her while she is driving. It is so neat to see all these new stages I have to look forward too :)
Looks like I have plenty of time to show this little Miss the crash course of "What Not To Do's" when it comes to driving!
Like....... please don't drive with your feet. I know your mother uses her knees to steer at times and puts on mascara on her way to work every morning- but you are NOT to do so! Do as I say, not as I do! HA!
Oh! And please don't text, call, or answer your phone while driving. How about lock it up in your trunk and only pull it out when stationary and when necessary- HA!
Also, I know you LOVE music, singing and dancing but Please don't get over excited and stand in your seat!
Back to texting, see it's addictive!
There goes those feet again! What a multi-tasker!
Please exit to your other left and not your right.........
If you feel the urge to grab a bite to eat, please not on the road and definitely don't eat electronics!
Oh and don't try sharing your phone conversations with your passengers- even if it is mommy!
And sometimes, drinking is just as distractive as eating when driving!
I only say these things because I know how dangerous they are and I don't want to have to worry about you driving to work every day of my life :)
For now, I am enjoying her just riding in the babck seat as my baby :)