Thursday, September 2, 2010


Last weekend while Toby was out of town at Holiday World with the youth group, I realized a new appreciation of his weekend cooking of breakfast for the two of us girls! I tried to carry on the routine myself before meeting my sister in law and nieces in TN. I woke up running late as usual after we spent the first part of our morning curled up on the couch together waking up to our Elmo video. I broke away at a grand attempt to recreate Toby's egg recipe (that only he can perfect) and well..... it didn't turn out so well......
In fact, I burnt my entire breakfast! This was suppose to be eggs and bacon. Sadie's on the other hand turned out Great! The problem is I am not exactly use to the new stove- I turn it on get hers done and then by the time I am ready to cook mine the burner is much hotter and cooking much faster and Viola= burnt!
So I ended up picking through bits and pieces of my breakfast, tossing it and got us ready to head to the Franklin Market and Autumn's modeling classes. Sarah looked like such a big girl pushing Sadie to the Market, it was so cute!
My Favorite part of the Market is the flowers! I heart the sunflowers especially! They are the biggest I have ever seen. There is also a booth that creates the most beautiful bouquets of fresh farm flowers that I absolutely LOVE!
Aunt Peggy continued to spoil Sadie bug (which is so wonderful for her) with an awesome homemade muffin to snack on whike we browsed the booths but I quickly realized these muffins were so fabulous they were melting in her little fingers and mouth. We tried several including peach and raspberry. 
Sadie really liked them! She smashed the hers up pretty good before I got to open it for her but she still ate most of it.
I found a couple of paintings of sunflowers of course that I fell in love with. One was this litte pig I thought was precious and a then an original oil painting.
Aunt Peggy got us a sunflower!!!! It was so pretty and bright!
Sarah and Hannah got fresh peaches from the market that we very good.
It was so hot we decided to go in the Factory and stop at the coffee shop to cool down. Sadie tried a frozen fruity drink that I think she liked after she tested it a few times. Then the girls found the toy section that had a mini shopping cart.
One of the shop ladies let the girls get in her treasure box for prizes- it was so sweet! Sadie got a Pat-A-Cake board book that she chewed the edge off before we got out of the Factory.
On the way home we ate at Chili's which was a first for me. It was really good but I think if I had to do it over again I would have gotten something different. The girls that worked there were so nice. One brought the girls balloons and Sadie thought it was the BEST thing.
She wanted to play with both of them- she had the best time with those things!
When we got home Autumn read to Sadie before it was off to bed for the girls :) What an enjoyable day!