Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Toby!

Today held a rush to Bowling Green for a cake, dinner, gifts and a balloon for Toby's birthday. I wish I was a super wife or one of those super mom's who could work all day then come home and cook a big birthday dinner and cake but that is not I. HA! Toby scheduled a mini golf outing and that allowed me enough time to get there and back before he got home.

Sadie was so tuckered out by the time we got back home. She has been sickly the past couple of days with a runny nose, cogestion and watery eyes. Reminds me of allergies. I thought she was so cute bundles up with her bear.
We rushed in and sat the goodies up for his surprise! Complete with an Elmo balloon that Sadie had to have at Wal-Mart. She spotted him a mile away from the register and started screaming his name. The two were inseperable until she lost her grip on the string and the gentleman behind us tried to give him back to her and she looked at the guy said "no" then started crying and pulling on my shirt to hold her. She was so scared of him.
I brought home take out for dinner..........
and found a pretty awesome cake! The Betty Crocker/Martha Stewart in me is retired for the moment :)
Then the man of the hour came home!
Dinner was pretty good for take out! HA!
Sadie was carrying arounf her medicine dispenser after she took it. She tends to like the taste of them unlike her mother who can not take any medication in liquid form.
Toby and Sadie had a pretty good time with the balloon. They marched with Elmo, ran from Elmo....
danced with Elmo.......
and loved on Elmo with kisses!
Then it was time for cake. This was the first time Sadie had ever seen candles on a cake. I just realized that on her birthday, I didn't light any.
Sadie was mesmerized by them :)
Sweet hugs!
Toby taught her how to blow them out and she was able to help blow out two of the candles! It was precious!
They were both excited to see what was in the bag.
Toby got a Daddy/Daughter book to read to Sadie :)
CD of some favorite tunes!
And of course it's not a Toby occasion without golf balls!
Only they were a really good brand but someone switched out the good ones inside the box for "x out" balls Toby caught it! How crazy is that? So now he has to take the bad ones back and get the good ones that I paid for. I would have never noticed that- the man knows his stuff!
Overall, it was a great night with a few unexpected events. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOBY! Love ya!