Thursday, September 2, 2010

Slip and ........Sit!

This past Sunday we spent the morning getting ready and playing outside for a bit.
We always get up on time and get ready then I snap a few shots of Sadie before we go and it causes us to be a few minutes late! But who could resist this? By the way we were early and on time this Sunday! haha
Sadie spent most of the morning going backwards up the slide and chasing Angel the kitty!
The infamous kiss started like this........
and I just sat back and watched to see what these two would do and it turned out to be the cutest thing ever!
From that moment on the Kitty was her Buddy for sure! They went everywhere together all morning!
After chuch we visited with Todd, Peggy and the kiddos! Peggy made a mean meatloaf and all the extras to go with it and now it's my turn to cook! ah! Still deciding on what to bring this Sunday.......
I brought some entertainment for the kiddos too! Introducing the slip and sit gang! I had such good intentions to bring over a "Slip and Slide" for them to enjoy on a warm day and to my surprise the thing was advertised so poorly because it turned out to be a tiny one about the size for a toddler to enjoy but the kids enjoyed it so much :) They are such good sports!
Josh was the first to try it and he literally ran with all his might, jumped on to it and ......stopped!
Sarah tried next.......
and literally it turned out we were skiing instead of sliding!
Look at how hard she was working!
We all got our laugh in  and I decided I had to do something drastic to remedy this. So I went in and grabbed a little bit of Dawn to slick down the surface and.......
Woo HOO, now we are sliding!
I thought these were so good of Joshua!
Josh's friend Tyler seemed to be a PRO!
Sadie on the other hand was pretty cautious about this whole thing. She acted like a littel mommy monitoring the day, standing in front of the slip and sit so noone could attempt it and screaming "NO" at everyone!

She refused to get near the slip and sit and her little pool.
Here she is monitoring the situation. The boys kept telling her to move over and watch out Sadie but she was too curious about the whole situation to hear them.
These action shots of Sadie watching Sarah crack me up because Sadie wants to be a big girl so bad, do what Sarah does and stay by her the entire time but knew she didn't want to get on it and would scream at Sarah!
Sarah tried to coax her over many times and she finally had a very small breakthrough......
but she ended up liking the sprinkler part of it instead!
Trying to drink the water instead of playing in it.
This was cute! Sadie LOVES books and she brough ther book over to the slip and sit!
So sweet, Sarah protecting Sadie while the boys played.
Way to make the most out of our mini slip and slide!