Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy 6th Anniversary!

HAPPY 6th Anniversary!!!

I woke up this morning with meager anniversary plans. When your a mommy, you don't plan ahead on a daily basis, some things are done just as they come along. Like today, I went to work, worked all day and then realized I needed to figure out how I was going to make this night as special as it truely is. So on my way out the door from work I called my friend Andrea and asked her if she knew whether a romantic upscale restaurant in downtown Nashville required reservations. Of course it did when she checked and at 4:30 when she called me back she said they had a 5:30 (uh- I think not considering it takes me that long to decide what to wear, get the toddler packed up for a sitter and get out the door all in one piece) and 9:30. I knew it would  be a stretch to divert my 6' "3" hungry husband from food all afternoon and bascially all night but I figured it would be well worth it in the end!
I was surprised myself when I got home to a very sweet card that had all the right words to woo me-works every time! Ha!
And this sweet little sweet cheeks who wanted to help me read it!
I told him to get dressed for a surprise and that we would be dropping Sadie off at Todd and Peggy's for the evening. I couldn't tell him anything, which was hard. I didn't tell him until we got to Nashville that the reservations were at 9:30.
When we arrived downtown, we spent some time in Lifeway looking for a Bible Study we could do together at nights and found one we really liked. Then we headed further downtown to go on a carriage ride.
Here is a flashback to the 2002 carriage ride in Nashville.
This was special because we hadn't done this since one of our first dates back in the summer of 2002. We went to Nashvile with another couple and stayed the entire weekend. I will never forget that one either because the romantic in him lit tons of candles in our hotel room and by the time we got back up there the air vent had kicked on and blew hot wax all over the carpet. We spent most of the night trying to clean that up until we realized it was useless. When we got home the hotel had charged his card $90.00 to replace the carpet! ah! The things you do for love!
There was a Gournet Popcorn stand on the corner of 2nd street! This guy was hilarious and his popcorn was good.
Finally, we ended up at The Melting Pot where we talked to lots of nice couples and learned that not only did our late night meal start at 9:30 but that the lavish courses lasted on average about 2 hours! Talk about a long night :) 
We opted for the Big Night Out for this special occasion. It came with 4 courses that sounded like alot, appeared to be a little but ended up being too much of just the right stuff!
First Course: French Cheese Fondue with bread, vegetables and apples to dip. I was not big on the apples and cheese at all. Not a good combo of flavors to me.
Second Course: was a salad with red olives and green beans on it. I love salads, could eat them all the time but not a fan of olives generally but red olives (didn't know they existed) are delish!
Third Course: Main Course had duck, two types of steak, shrimp, lobster, chicken, and raviol, which I thought was different! hahaha   There were a total of eight different dipping sauces like blue cheese (my favorite and I don't even like blue cheese), teriyaki, ginger, dill/mayo, etc.
Toby was so hungry by this time he said that he thought he could eat all of this by himself, in the end he caved and just couldn't :)
Fourth Course: Dessert! So sweet- my friend told them that it was our Anniversary and everyone at the front congratulated us when we walked in our waitress put a candle in our cheesecake! : )
The dessert had strawberries (MY FAVORITE), rice krispies, brownies, pound cake, 2 oreo & 2 brown sugar covered marshmallows bananas and yin and yang (white and milk chocolate) Fondue to dip them in.

It was a wonderful night of great food, fun, and conversation (mostly about Sadie) but we were so tired by 11:30 when we were finished. A BIG thank you to Todd & Peggy for making our night extra special by watching Sadie Bug!

And another flashback to beginnings! Our own rendition of The Melting Pot. Our first and last time to cook real lobsters in the comforts of our own home. It was good but messy!