Friday, July 22, 2011

Sweet Talk

This evening I was lying in my bed, exhausted from the new chapter of life that awaits within me but quickly approaching. I was still with contentment as I watched my sweet girl sleep on her Daddy's pillow and wrapped in her unraveling binkie.....holes and all. I laid there watching her toss and turn and then her little eye lashes began to flutter and I knew she was struggling with trying to decide whether or not to get up or continue to enjoy her mid afternoon slumber in Mommy & Daddy's bed. I watched her gaze around the room until suddenly her eyes stopped at a collage of pictures that I had recently moved from the hallway to our bedroom wall. Then maybe one of the sweetest conversations occured.
Sadie (pointing) : Mommy, Daddy?

Me: Yes, that is when we got married.

Sadie: Married? to say "What is that? That is one word I have not heard before."

Me: Married is when Mommy & Daddy said "I love You" You have a big party, wear a pretty dress,
 open presents, eat cake, and see your friends and family.

Sadie: and then she says in an as sweet & innocent as can be voice with a big smile across her face and the bat of her eyes....."that's pretty fun!"

I know in my heart she thought I meant a birthday party because that is all she knows about cake and presents but it made me stop and think that one day I will be sitting here having a very similar conversation with a bright eyed brunette that will not resemble the two year old she is today & in my heart not wanting to think about the day of giving her away.

That is what life is made of, sweet innocent conversations that transpire into our realities.

How sweet, precious and beautiful she looks! These will definitely be in her wedding album some day!