Friday, May 1, 2009

25 Things about Me

1. I love to travel, I have been to the Belize, Honduras, Cozumel, Bahamas, Turks & Caicos (Virgin Islands), St. Thomas, and Puerto Rico. Toby and I have actually decided that, just because we made the decision to start a family, we will continue to travel but just include Sadie in our future ventures. Did I mention I hate flying though? I have cried on all 4 plane rides that I have been on. Once pretty bad because we went through a storm and all the knocking, banging and quick drops really had me convinced that I was going to die!

2. I am addicted to celebrity gossip magazines: that includes In Touch, Star, US, Life & Style and People, oh and hair magazines! I will make people mad in a Wal-Mart line because I stand there and read while I am waiting, get so lost that I forget to move the line. I am also guilty of going to Barnes and Noble every weekend and spending hours reading my mags for FREE. I know it’s terrible. I also find myself addicted to reality T.V. , which my husband can’t standJ

3. I am a shopaholic and truly believe that Confessions of a Shopaholic is a tribute to myself and my compulsive name brand spouting behaviors. So bad, that I once opened a present from one of my first grade students, which was an ornament and I said, “Aww, it’s a Department 59 ornament.” REALLY, why did I say that? My favorite places to shop include online boutiques, Ebay, T.J. Maxx and Target.

4. I am fan of all things involving the ARTS, music, acting, art, photography etc. I was an avid artist from early adolescence through high school but lost the time for it in college. This is something I would like to pursue again, quite relaxing.

5. I have never experienced with any form or type of drugs. The mere thought or sight of them scares me. I once broke up with a guy in college for this very reason. He was a GREAT person and I adored him, but I could not accept that lifestyle because I didn’t understand it. I kind of felt bad because I never really talked to him about it seriously, I just moved on when I met Toby!

6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to decorate!! My husband doesn’t understand this trait. I could redo the entire house with each season, I DON’T, because I would be broke but I like the new and freshness it can bring, especially painting rooms.

7. My favorite sleeping position is on my belly and guess what, not happening and hasn’t been the case for almost 7 months now. Your only allowed to sleep on your sides, so I spend each night tossing back and forth from one side to the other.

8. I love dancing, even though I am not a very good dancer. I actually use to turn on the music in my dorm room and dance on my desk, pretty entertaining to my poor roommate. She would just laugh at me. I still do this when I clean house, I just dance around more so than clean though. I would LOVE to take Salsa classes because I think it is the dance of love!

9. I love to write not to entertain but to express myself, feelings and views of myself, others and the world. I would love to pursue inspirational writing as a side career. Two weeks ago was the first time I actually let my husband read my notes on here from like July and on, he was speechless and proud of me. I sat down to read them myself and I cried like a baby:/

10. I hate for my food to touch unless it’s made to be that way like a pasta dish. I don’t mix it all together like a trough, I know it all goes in the same place but I actually like to eat one thing at a time and in a certain order, kind of an OCD pattern huh? I will eat my veggies first, and then the carbs like a potato and then the meat, even if it’s one of those meals where it’s all together. Weird I know.

11. My husband is 8 years older than me. I like this because when I met him, he was set in his ambitions and knew what he wanted. It wasn’t one of those relationships where you have to wonder constantly what was going to happen. I actually only wanted to be “Friends” at the time because I was a couple of months out of a 8 month relationship. I have to say, I have the BEST husband anyone could ask for. Everyone who meets him adores him, literally. I pray every day that GOD blesses us with 60 more years together.

12. Toby’s nickname for me is LuLu. He has even given Sadie one already: Sadikins??? You would have to ask him, I don’t know where it came from. Maybe I should ask him, huh? I once made my mom mad because I was insistent of wanting to change my name to Heather when I was like 5.

13. I have received 8 speeding tickets in the past 8 years and even had to do community service, cringe. I chose to help out at the local library thinking that I would be organizing books. I ended up having to pull weeds and cut shrubs in the middle of July in 98 degrees of misery, for this sweet little old lady who owned the place. I haven’t had a ticket since.

14. I like to participate in Husband’s sports fishing, golf, softball, but I am not a sports fan what so ever. I would rather be at the game than to waste time at home, on the couch, watching a game.

15. I am a HUGE fan of the old Super Mario Brothers game. Some things you grow up on never change and you never find something that replaces it. I can beat the whole game and I know all of the secrets.

16. I am one of “Those” college students who got a bachelors degree in something she thought she would enjoy then actually began to loathe the thought of once she was near completion, finished though and now I am almost a two time graduate with a Masters in a field that I have to say, I love. Not that I don’t get stressed at times because I do.

17. I once threw a box of spoiled shrimp out of my top floor room in Bemis Hall. Totally illegal and clause for a fine. I thought it stunk so bad and the window was “open.” Once I did it, immediate regret set in so I looked down to see where it had landed or if it had hit someone and there was an officer staring back up at me. I was so scared, I ran down there, apologizing to him and with a ridiculous story of tripping and “accidentally” dropping it. He said, “Calm down miss, you need to get inside, there is a bomb threat. Please stay in your room.” Totally off the hook.

18. I am a list maker because I love checking completed things off.

19. I am a terrible night driver. I have no sense of directionality. Sometimes my eyes tend to play games on me in the dark, freaky, also another reason why I would never walk alone in the dark on Western’s campus.

20. I have the biggest lingerie collection of anyone I know of. Addicted to Victoria’s Secret, enough said. Ask my friends, I always drag someone there with me annually throughout the year.

21. If I break just one nail, I have to peel, bite, file or cut them all off immediately. I truly believe in balance and so all of my nails have to be the same length.

22. I am an passionately emotional person. I once cried during a college presentation. I had to give a presentation about a little girl with a serious disorder. I watched show about her and decided it would fit well in the presentation, of course when I watched it I cried in the comforts of my own home and then again after watching it in class. Totally embarrassing, but kids with disorders affect me in a bad way. Don’t watch the Discovery Health Channel!

23. I am terrified of clowns. Spans from the movie “IT.” I saw this movie way too young and it gave me a phobia. I also was terrified of “Chucky.” As a little girl, I would have to turn around my dolls, stuffed animals and toys of any kind so that they were not looking at me at night when I was trying to sleep.

24. When I was six, I saved my mom’s life by calling 911 after I came home and our house had been robbed and my mom had been stabbed. Very scary, but I am a firm believer in teaching little ones about safety and 911.

25. I have lived in a Foster home.


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Cute idea! I did the same thing, I could have gone on forever, glad I stopped at 25. haha

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