Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kitchen Tour

Kelly over at started a home tour space, where every Friday bloggers can share the insides of their homes with fellow bloggers & it also helps in sharing some decorating tips and ideas without leaving the comforts of your homes. I thought that this would be fun, so here it goes. Hope you enjoy my kitchen.
I love this piece of furniture from Kirklands. We use it as a DVD holder. The pictures are of my two dogs Bailey and Noah. Candles came from Target and the decorative wooden circle from T.J. Maxx.

My dining room feels like a little bistro, so I found this plaque at T.J.Maxx that fitted the theme.

Vase pictures in the dining room that came from Kirklands.

Dining room. I love the over sized vases that I got at Pier 1 on clearance. I would like to get some decorative tall safari grass to place in them soon. Notice the electrical box to the far left, I am looking for an elongated picture at the moment that is similar in color and style of the two vase pictures to the right, which I got at Kirklands.

On my table, I got these candle sticks at Hobby Lobby and the floral arrangement at T.J. Maxx. the table runner came from Pier 1.

Dining room with light fixture. The light fixture needs to be brown instead of silver. When we were building, I loved this fixture but had no clue how I was going to decorate the rooms so I ended up just choosing to ignore the fact that it is silver.

Hurricane vases from Southern Living that are great for holidays when you want to decorate. You can put ornaments, plastic fruit, candles or candy in them.

I cheated, I cleaned the clutter out of these little Southern Living Pots for this picture :)

Trivets from Southern Living & a cutlery set from Target...I think.

I have this serving tray displayed right beside the coffee station, decoration only. I found this at T.J. Maxx-noticing a pattern?

I have to admit, it is a southern tradition to display a cook book on the counter, staple right? Well, I have to be honest, I have never even cooked a recipe out of here before. I bought it at Barnes & Noble on clearance only because it matched my kitchen colors. I don't cook low fat either:)

Here are a few pieces I bought at Target because I felt that they matched the Southern Living trivets above the stove really well. I only use the napkin and paper towel holder when we have company over. Any other time they just serve as decorations.This is the door that is off of our kitchen and leads to the back deck and patio area. I placed this iron piece that I got from Kirklands (another favorite store of mine) above the door.

This clock, I fell in love with when I found it because the background color was exactly the same color as my kitchen walls. It is simple and convenient. He laundry room here is painted in a Terra Cotta, keeping with the Italian theme. I also got these awesome dark brown wicker baskets to place above the washer & dryer to serve as decorative organizers.

I love this huge clock, it sits on a decorative book stand. I also got it at T.J. Maxx.

When I first thought about placing family photos in the kitchen on the counter tops, I assumed it would look a bit silly but I love it! The three little pots here are from Southern Living and the two vases came from Tuesday Morning ( similar to T.J. Maxx). Again, we have the basic white refrigerator that will be another appliance that I choose to have in a dark color in the future.

I like to sit out decorative items on my counter tops. Some things that I sit out, I rarely ever use around the kitchen. Like what is pictured here.

The basic stove, in the future I have learned that I want a dark stove such as black because white shows everything. I love hanging decorative hand towels off the front handle of the stove, but I struggle to get my husband to not use them to clean up with because it stains them. The trivets above the stove are usable (not just for decoration). They are from Southern Living, what you do is place them above the stove for decoration (instead of having to store them) then when you cook a hot meal, you can easily pull them down for serving on.

Here is the full view of my little cozy kitchen & part of the laundry room to the far back leftr corner. I chose the color gourd from Lowes. It looks much brighter under the camera flashes. It is actaully a duller and darker tone in person. My objective when starting to decorate my kitchen was that I wanted an Italian feeling theme. So my colors were based around yellows, reds, and greens.


Anna said...

Enjoyed to tour...I like your taste! I think an elongated picture would be great over the electrical outlet - good luck finding one!

Tammy Turpin said...

Thank you!

The Stain Family said...

Love the idea of putting a clock on a book creative!!

Anonymous said...

I had a chandelier that was white ish and didn't match my black dining room decor, so i took it outside and spray painted it black!!! Now it looks like one I wanted from pottery Barn but couldn't afford.
TIP- put newspaper under it b-4 spraying it. I was too excited and couldn't wait--meanwhile had to listen to my husband complain about the grass being black for over 2 weeks! haha Cute kitchen, I am doing this tour thing too, just posted my living room and den for this week.

Paige said...

I love the clock on the book stand! What a creative and classy idea! I've always been a fan of huge clocks. Now, the cook book is a southern idea, but it isn't southern to cook low fat, so I think your okay =)

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