Sunday, May 10, 2009

Living Room Tour

Kelly has continued her "Show us where you live Fridays." This week it is the living rooms/family rooms. At the moment, my family and I only have a living room, which we are proud to say we do ALOT of living in. HA HA! Here's our comfortable living room, hope you enjoy. Next week is baby nurseries, which I am really excited about.

Here is a full view of our living room. We bought this leather furniture a few years ago after much debate on whether to or not. My husband was worried that in the winter it would be cold and in the summer it would be warm and that our skin would stick to it if we were sweaty. Well, we fixed those concerns by not sitting on it while being really "sticky or sweaty" (hehehe) and usually you can always find a comfy blanket across the couch to keep you warm.

The pillows are NEVER on the couch, especially the large rectangular ones. They are too stiff and bulky to actaully enjoy using, so we place them out only when we are having company over. The two prints I got at Kohls, I love them. I don't know why but I can't stand for pictures to be symmetrically placed on the walls. I like everything staggered on the walls. BAd Habit that I am having trouble breaking out of. I actaully don't even think about it when I am putting stuff up, it's just so automatic now.

The lamp to the right we received as a wedding gift and I love it because our ceiling lights are way too bright at night and this lamp has the softest most calming glow. I usually sleep at night here lately (since the birth of our little girl Sadie) on the couch with this lamp on.

This chair is definitely my husbands refuge everyday after work. This is where you can find him at all times while in the living room.

This is my door entryway table.

I got this trunk a few years ago because it matched the furniture perfectly. I store all of my extra blankets and throws in it.

Fireplace, not used as often as I would like or EVER! hahaha! Wedding photos from one of the best moments of my life and two decorative urns.

Coat rack/umbrella stand. Highly recommended for an entry way.

I love this display shelf. It contains many special things on it ranging from pictures to gifts. The statue of the two people dancing we bought while on vacation in Cozumel. The angel to the top left was a gift from a dear friend of mine when my mother passed away last year and the horse and foal statue belonged to my mother and always sat in my bedroom on a shelf while growing up.

This would be my jewelry chest that I got for Christmas this year (the only thing that I really wanted or needed). It has remained in the living room because the bassinet was suppose to go in the bedroom in the same space as the jewelry stand but neither of them have made it to the bedroom. On top of the stand is Sadie's laundry basket, yes it is full here complete with blankets, socks and onesies.

Our T.V. Stand that I am growing tired of. I just thought of an idea as I sit here staring at this eye sore. We should place a flat screen over the fireplace and place another sofa here for extra seating. Toby probably would not go for this idea. HA HA HA!


Anonymous said...

very cozy! How did you find out that next week is nursery week?? I bet I passed right by that info on Kelly's site. I better start taking pictures! The room is still pretty perfect since it hasn't been used yet. haha

Tammy Turpin said...

HI, I wanted to let you know really quickly that Kelly changed the room tour the other day from baby rooms to guest bed rooms.

♥ sheena said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! it's fun to get new visitors! i love it! {just curious... how did you find me?}

cute home!

i look forward to getting to know more about you!

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

I love how easy leather is to clean...especially with kids and pets! = )

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