Friday, June 18, 2010

Engagement Story

Today over at KellysKorner, she is having a tell all about your engagement today. Mine would have to be similar to her in that we don't have one picture from that actual night. We were to happy to be worrying about pictures at that moment and we were the only ones around at the time, so technically that is why we don't have pictures. Toby and I knew from the moment we met that there was something there, which was pretty scary at first. Everyone dates people that they "think" they are meant to be with but sometimes you have to wait a bit longer for the "one" to come along. Patience is a virtue! I was always told that and I was also told that the right person would come along when you least expect it & I found that to be right too.

This was me ~ at a time where I was looking for no one to be a part of my life. I had just gotten out of a relationship and needed to find myself again.

I guess I will start off with our chance meeting. It was the summer night of 2002. I was hanging out with my friend Andrea late one night and got a wild hair to go swimming. This took her for a loop because she was curious as to how and where we would be going swimming at 10:00 at night. I suggested that we go over to a local apartment complex located very close to our dorms, known as the Gables to you Bowling Greeners. So we got into our swim suits & found when we got there that we were very lucky the gate wasn't locked (seeing that we didn't live there).
We thought "lucky us." Little did I know, it was the first night of the rest of my life. When we got there, this man was sitting on the edge of the pool on the phone with his mother. I didn't really notice him at first. There were a few other people in and around the pool & a couple that my friend knew. I was enjoying the night until a guy started talking to me that I was highly uninterested in so I found the easiest way out of the conversation by swimming over to the edge by Toby to strike up a conversation. To this day I can't remember what words were exchanged between us but I can remember this gut feeling of knowing this guy was different than the previous ones. He knew who he was, he knew where he was going and he knew what he wanted. That was most impressive to me. What do you do with a guy like that?

You snatch him up quick! HA! We got engaged at those same apartments only a short four (4) months later. I guess when they know- they know! Our engagement occured over the holidays between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I got home late one night from work, came in and I was really excited because I had purchased a Christmas ornament that I had engraved with both our names, the year and First Christmas- little did I know there would be many more. This would not be an ornament that I would have to pitch after tears of a broken heart. That this would be forever. I went upstairs to a warm welcoming hug and a strategic placed seating on the edge of the bed. In hand I had the ornament which I opened quickly, mouth going a mile a minute explaining what I had done & he listened quielty, gave me another hug and as he pulled away I noticed he had teared up. I was confused for a brief second when all of a sudden he pulled a small black box out of his pocket, opened it slowly, told me how much he loved me and asked me to be his forever :) I look back and think how neat it was that on that very same night we were on the same page in our decision for ourselves, each other and our future.


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