Thursday, June 17, 2010

Zoological Exploration

So we decided on Tuesday to take Sadie to the Nashville Zoo! Yes, it was HOT! Of course, I had a big plan of waking up @ 7a.m. (and if you know me-I am not a morning person- I never get up before 10a.m.) and being at the Zoo by 9 a.m. right as the park opened. Well to say the least.... I overslept and we ended up there right around 11:30 but in the prime time heat of the day. But it was well worth it! Growing up I loved animals of all sorts & I know Sadie seems young for the zoo but in all honesty I don't think you are ever too old or too young for the zoo. This was a day that was priceless in my book.

We started off with our handy dandy map and quickly realized that the park was a massive maze with turns and one may I repeat ...ONE central location for air conditioned spaces right smack dab in the center of the park.

Sadie helped her Daddy choose the first destination :)

Then she decided to take off- full force speed here. She is at that stage where she thinks she is SO much faster than I. She will run as hard as she can giggling the whole way , then I catch her and she squeals with excitement, which in return gets me tickled. HA!

I really liked the Bamboo trees- great for shade in the middle of summer.

Sadie thought they were neat too.

First look at some bright blue birds. I was kinda glad they were so easy to see for Sadie's sake!

We tried to leave the birds but Sadie kept stopping to look back at them on this little bridge. She was fascinated with them or maybe their bright blue color and their LOUD squawks- seriously you could here them all the way at the end of the parking lot and so much so I thought it was a tape the park played for extra effect when we pulled in.hahahaa

I have decided that since our fish died-maybe we should get a bird!

Daddy looks awfully loaded down here but he was such a trooper. Zoos in general are not his thing but he never complained about going and he seemed to enjoy carrying Sadie throughout the day and helping with the stroller :)

MONKEYS! Sadie liked them too. It was neat because they would move across and swing on the branches

Air Conditioning!!! Yay- what a blessing to have, I can't tell you how many times we walked back to the center of the park to waltz into the gift shop because it was Cool! hah While we were there of course we met a pretty neat guy...... his name...unknown but we had to take him home with us. He was half off and mommy is a bargain shopper so he was Sold!

Did I mention he ROARS.........

and loves little feet with ten tiny toes?

Look at the sweat-whew!

But we certainly didn't let the heat get the best of us!
Next stop the Meerkat Manor as we like to call it. I was trying to see what exactly was in the exhibit when all of a sudden..........

this little thing popped up!

Before we got a little closer to them we looked at a sample of real Meerkat hair and I let Sadie feel it. reminded me of one of those baby hard cover touch and feel books only this version was "real."

Then we were off to the tunnels. I never gave this a second thought. I just figured it would be neat to be really close to them and there were no signs that denoted specific height qualifications so.... I gave it a run and we bent down to go in. Even Sadie had to duck her head.

She was so scared to go in what had to feel like a cave but a little coaxing goes a long way.

Then there was the approval once we were in!

Iguagnas. I have to admit amphibians are NOT my favorite- I don't like creepy, crawly, leggy, scaley cold things what so ever. My skin was literally crawling in here. Even though it was air conditioned, I was ready to go in a matter of a few minutes but I bared it and stayed to look at everything.

Now, I don't mind fish. Sadie shares that same passion with me. These little fish she liked and didn't mind being close to the glass but when we reached the fish that were larger than herself- she was done and crawling back into our arms!

There was a penny machine where we were able to make a souvenir penny with an elephant on it for her scrapbook:)

This was the only animal Sadie didn't mind being close to, I guess because it was eating quite furiously and that caught her attention. They had a stare down match. I think it thought Sadie was going to eat it's dinner.

These were the tanks she was timid around. I have to say, the fist in these were Huge and so not colorful.......

However, I did find it a plus that they were toddler friendly in size and eye level for her to see without having to be held up.

Excitement reins when it comes to fish!

One of the prettiest polka dotted rays I have ever seen :)

On our way back to the "real" zoo animals, Sadie wanted to carry my wallet. It serves as a great miniture wallet for toddler sized hands. She likes to carry what appears to be purses lately but if you give her an actual purse she won't carry it. Give this girl a make-up bag, wallet, etc. and she is a happy girl.

Not going to lie- I thought she was going to launch it into the water while I snapped away at the moment of my own loss but praise the Lord that she didn't. I know you are probably thinking the same thing.
Big Girl

This was cute, she would run across the bridge then turn at the sound of unfamiliar voices coming her way and run the other way.

Relaxing with Daddy on the bridge in the shade. I realized that the animals were forever away at almost every exhibit. So I had to switch lense to one with a better zoom to get shots of them. So I went back to a few exhibits alone to take quick closer pics while the fam waited for my return.



I usually think my husband in comparison to myself is pretty big but next to a elephant skull he looks pretty tiny.

Family Photo Op. with the Giraffe

When we got home we were all pretty drained and exhausted by the sun and I found that my purchase was well spent finding Sadie attached to her new buddy! She carried him everywhere and I am not sure how- he is as big as she is :)

This was definitely undeniably love at first sight!
What a great ending to a beautiful day!



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