Monday, June 21, 2010

The Great Indoors

It has been SO incredibly HOT the past few weeks and I have felt so bad for Sadie becauese she loves the outdoors but this mommy dislikes the extreme southern summer heat. So I pulled some handy dandy resources of mine out and decided I would find fun things to do indoors :)

Introducing two of my favorite play time books for babes and tots of all ages! Yes, I am one of those mommies who lives motherhood/parenting by the spine of a book, the turn of a page and at the heart of creative literature. Take a look at what we were able to come up with today........

It's called a whole lot of fun at an extremely low price in the comforts of our own (air conditioned) home! I made a very girly refuge for Sadie Bug- also known as a home made tent! I like this idea because there are no annoying poles, clamps,ties, stakes or confusing directions to deal with, just simple fun that can be put up and picked up in seconds.

Simple is as simple does- I used our kitchen table as the frame, threw down a comfy blanket, added some pillows and some extra goodies to entice her to try it out and ............

TADA! Perfect!

It was so cute because Sadie knew that a blanket obviously did not go on top of the kitchen table.

It took her a minute to get used to. There was a bit of hesitation that reminded me of being at the zoo and not wanting to crawl into the cave.

Once she was in she looked up and noticed there was no way she could stand up.

Yes, it looked so comfy that I did get under there with her but there are no pictures of that :)

I think she liked it!

I think I may be using those book ideas even more now:)


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