Monday, June 21, 2010

Puppy Love

Sadie spent a good part of her day today bonding with a very special family member today..... Noah! She adores him (Bailey-not so much). If you would have asked me a few months ago if he was as close to her as she is to him, I would have to say No but I think he may coming around.

When she doesn't want him around her, she will smack at him or more like swing at him then run to my lap to sit.

Today though she was awfully affectionate with her kisses

I thought it was too cute when she pulled this blanket off the couch (she knows he loves blankets) then started crawling around trying to get closer & closer to him.

Sadie kept inching closer but with her back to him, it was the oddest thing.....

Then I finally realized that she was trying to lean her back on him like she does her pillows :)

The more playful she got the more worried he looked-HA! Oh and please ignore all the long lost misfit toys that have appeared to have roamed under & around the couch.

So cute!

The whole "Get him Sadie" game was not going over well for him.

He finally relaxed and started rolling around barking- that calmed her down too, she backed off tormenting him pretty quickly :)

Then it was off to foot massages and story time.

Sadie read him a quick story & he listened pretty well :)


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