Monday, June 21, 2010

Life & Times of a Consigner

I spent an entire night last week getting Sadie's Fall and Winter clothes ready for the consignment store.I realized that those two seasons are the Biggest for clothing so far because you have the not so warm to the really warm outfits and it can just pile up on you before you know it! So much so that when you are home alone and having to drag it all down the hall throwing in an attempt to lift can end tragically! Ha! I ended up with a bigger mess because I had to find all the matching pieces again. At first Sadie teared up and started to cry when she saw me defeated by the monster tote. She ran to me, wrapped her arms around my neck and patted my back as she was hugging me. It was the sweetest moment.

Climb every mountain has nothing on this! She was determined to get to the other side!

And guess what - she did! I think it was record time too.

My Fearless Strong Willed Child

Once you have survived a deadly fall and determined toddler you can start the "real" work. I have to say you definitely earn your money when it comes down to it! Call me OCD but I have a process that I do everytime. First, I organize all the different types of hangers in piles on the floor. This was a challenge because once Sadie saw that I was hanging her clothes on the hangers she wanted to help out all night picking them up and handing the hangers and clothes to me. I would look at her and say "Oh Thank You." She loved it!

Next, I like to put all my clothes in piles with their matches. I also have what I like to call variety piles. I usually have the "Missing a top/bottom" pile.

Then there is the misfits which I never find a match or anything else that could substitute as a partner pil. This is the pile that usually gets donated.

When it's all said and done- I am exhausted but thankful :)

I ended up only coming home with about 20-30 pieces, so a job well done! Now I won't have to do this all over again until next year around January!


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