Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Operation ~Bear

Today we found our favorite interactive bear had bit the dust & we had to go into operative mode to rescue him. I had the best RN anyone could ask for. She was dutiful, specialized, evaluative and calm under pressure :)
Scalpel please.........
WOW!!! Look at all those needed organs. Mommy had to do some serious searching to replace those :) Seriously........ does he really require 4 new heart chambers?????
AH ! ! The horrid drawer. This drawer is beautiful on the outside but oh so ugly on the inside. But they do hold everything you could possibly need....... candles, picture frames, gloves, pens/pencils, mail, tools, fragrance plug ins, and a variety of batteries :)
Alright- time to sew him back up. It was too funny, he came right on in the middle of getting him back together said, "hello" then "goodbye." We were a little worried one of his replaced chambers were bad (would have been so sad because that was all mommy had in the drawer) and he was flat lining :(
But we had Jesus by our side, a little switcheroo of the batteries and viola - HE's ALL BETTER! Life was renewed :)
Sadie seemed a bit surprised - but I guess all interns are a little timid!
For some reason, Sadie did not seem satisfied with our work and decided he might need some more altering- so she went back for the scalpel...........
and did some facial work on him.
I think with a look like that- she may need a little more time in med school before letting her go :)